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Why Trinity Is a Must for Your Newfoundland Vacation !!!

Top Ten Reasons Trinity Is a Must for Your Newfoundland Vacation

If you are thinking about coming to Newfoundland for that unique vacation then no doubt you have heard of or already looked up Trinity. We are possibly the most popular area to visit on the island. What makes us so popular? Well here are my humble or not so humble top ten reasons for visiting Trinity.

1O. Trinity has been a popular tourist destination for decades (we were Touristy when Touristy was still just an idea so we know what you are looking for) and we have the museums, amenities to entertain you.

9.  We have accommodations all over the bight ranging from economy based to high end rentals available throughout the summer.You can find local cuisine such as Moose Burgers and Fish and Chips to Haute Cuisine.
The Minke Whale Room at Trinity Eco-tours Lodge

8.   Trinity has been maintained as an historically and  architecturally correct community from Newfoundland's past. It is very hard to find the wooden churches, stores, museums, courthouse, etc...  from a gone by era of Newfoundland's history as most communities have replaced them with newer structures or just removed them. Visit the cooperage where barrels were manufactured and Lester Garland house where the local fish merchants set up their headquarters as well as the local museums. Every house in Trinity has a history and most date beck into the 1800's.

7. Visit the local lighthouse at Fort Point where there is also an historical interpretation center in addition to an historical walk that includes the walk through the area where a British Garrison was stationed to protect Trinity Harbour in 1746.

Fort Point Lighthouse Historical Walk and Museum

6.Come see where the stars have been. Trinity and the bight area have hosted three separate film adventures. The first was a CBC mini series called Random Passage. It was based on a book by Bernice Morgan about the rugged outport life of the settlers who came to Newfoundland, their struggles and way of Life.
A few years later a major Hollywood production was filmed here called The Shipping News starring Kevin Spacey, Judy Denche, Julianne Moore, Kate Blanchette amongst several other well known stars.
Most recently in 2013 The Grand Seduction featuring Brendan Gleason and Taylor Kitsch was filmed here. No doubt these two Hollywood stars were looking for an independent film to test their acting talents in such a remote location. They became well known to some of the local population who had varying roles in the movie. NO doubt they felt welcome not because they were stars but because everyone here treated them as they treat each other, no different. It is one of the marvelous things about Trinity, no matter how big or  how small you are all equally welcome to this community.

5. Skerwink Trail is one of the top ten trails in Canada with views unparallelled probably in the rest of the world. Walk along on open ocean seascape where you can see the beautiful rugged coastline, birds, animals (sometimes there are moose on the trail as well), birds and whales pass the coastline in season.
Skerwink Trail overlooking the Bay

4 Hiking is very popular in the bight and the entire Bonavista Peninsula. Trails are available to hike from short to long to meet your fitness level and ability.
Bird Island Puffin Sanctuary hike

3. Rising Tide Theater made Trinity their home base over thirty years ago. They were the first theater company on the island to set up in rural Newfoundland and produce local plays as part of the summer season in Trinity. Come see new plays or some old favorites. Everyone should attend Ye Olde Trinity Pageant which acts out historical events from Trinity and Newfoundland's past.
Ye Olde Trinity Pageant 

2. Icebergs have been a focal point for Trinity as we are located in Iceberg Alley where icebergs pass and get stuck in the channels and shallows as they pass around the Bonavista Peninsula. Videos of bergs  by Trinity Eco-tours have been featured on ABC-7 News, Washington Post, McLean's Magazine and CBC French Canada. Check out our videos online on our YouTube Channel, Trinity Eco-tours Lodge.
Maberly Iceberg from 2016 that fascinated the world!!

1. Number one reason to visit Trinity is to take one of our signature whale watch tours when in season you can see Humpback Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises, Fin Whales, Sperm Whales and Minke. We have our Puffin Colony that we visit. Seals, Bald Eagles, Northern Gannets, Guillemots, Cormorants and Shearwaters are some of the species we experience regularly. Visit our Facebook page or our Youtube Channel to see some of our regular sightings. The Experience of a Lifetime is our theme and mantra so come and experience it for yourself. I am sure it will be your number one memorable experience in Trinity with Trinity being your potential favorite place.
From our tours this past summer!!!
Finnegan the Friendly Humpback from 2016

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