Sunday, October 16, 2016

10 Reasons a Zodiac Whale Watching Trip is Better than a Big Boat Ride

10 Reasons a Zodiac Whale Watching Trip is better than a Big Boat Whale Watching tour

10. A better view- That is right being on the water does not give you that high up and distant feeling away from the subjects you came to be close to.

Our Humpback Friend Finnegan (see the CBC  story about Finnegan) 

9. A more personal experience - when you leave a zodiac tour that has had interactions with whales and wildlife there is a greater sense of awe and personal satisfaction. Why? Because you were in the thick of it!

Orcas on our August trips

8. More social interaction - Instead of being one of 50 on a big boat you are one of no more than 11 people aboard our boats so we do get to ask you where you are from, what your highlights of the trip are so far (hoping ours is going to be it after today!!!), We also recommend events or sites that you should see in our area and indeed across the rest of the island.

Olympic Gold Medalists Jennifer Jones and Jill Officer

7. Get to meet your Skipper - Instead of being ferried around by someone you don't see or meet, talk and ask your skipper exactly what you expect to see, discuss any feature of the tour or places. Talk about the safety features of our Rigid Hull Inflatables with him and be confident that your safety and comfort are our first priorities!

Skipper Bob

6. Smell the salt air - That's right be at water level and smell the ocean, it is a wonderfully intoxicating and liberating experience. Unlike whale breath which you will also get close enough to smell but you won't  notice that as the proximity to a whale is more awe inspiring!!

Orca Breaching

5. Comfort - sitting in a neoprene immersion suit all warm and toasty as opposed to be on the deck of a large vessel in a windbreaker because you forgot to pack something warmer...  common.

Warm Guests on an Iceberg Tour

4. A shared experience - On our tours we all need to watch for whales. We keep a 360 degree vigil and it is a team effort from before we even leave the dock. For that three hours you meet wonderful people also on our tours, share a fabulous experience and maybe even exchange photos with us and your fellow fun seekers!!

Wonderful warm group in our suits sharing the love, Sweet Whale Love!!!!

3. Get closer - You are a lot more likely to get closer to whales in a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (Zodiac)than a big boat. Whales have to look out for the big boats because if they get too close they can hurt them with the props or the keel. We maneuver our boats out of their way and let them be socially interactive if they choose.

Whale lunge feeding on the surface

2. Better photo ops -  Trying to get some good shots? Well Zodiac Whale/Iceberg/Bird Watching  is the way to go!
Be close on the water and be ready when the whales are close as opposed to being on a deck 10 to 12 feet above the water. Try not to get any whale spray on that lens!!
Blue water faced iceberg Bonavista
1. The Thrill of a Lifetime - I have been a passenger on tour boats in the Dominican Republic trying to study whales. Frankly here in the cooler waters of Newfoundland there is a level of whale activity I have never experienced anywhere including swimming with whales. The whales are gorging themselves on feed here for the long winter ahead. That means they are busy and when they are full and happy they are also quite active. Breaching whales, tail lobbing, spy hopping and peduncle throws are fairly common experiences here. See our Facebook page for our daily feed and past pictures.
Skipper Bob and Finnegan
Look up our YouTube channel to see some of the underwater footage we got his year including lunge feeding Humpbacks, Beluga, Orcas and lots of other stuff.

Look up our Facebook page too!!

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